Saturday, December 17, 2011

HUGE Collective Haul! (MAC, Sephora, NARS, Costco, CVS, Yankee Candle)

Hey everyone! Holiday Break is finally here and let me tell ya, I am soo glad(: Sorry...again...for the lack of posts last week, of course, it was the week for teachers cramming in as many tests and projects as there are days of the week..|: It's quite maddening, but  I'm just glad it's all over and time to relax!(: As for today, the first day of break, I've been Christmas shopping like no other and so I decided I should probably put this Haul up before it gets too big to make! Keep in mind that this is stuff that I've been keeping for this haul for SEVERAL months and everything was bought with my own money, nothing was free (although I wish it was ;) Anyways, enjoy!(: (And since this Haul is so big, I'm not going to write first impressions and all that stuff on all the products, if you see something you'd like to know my thoughts on, email me or comment below!)








 Welp, that's it! Thanks so much for reading! And I hope you enjoyed it(: Remember, if you saw any products you'd like to know my opinion on, please feel free to email me at: or comment below and I'll get back to you within 48 hours! I would  have put my first impressions for these products but there was just too many for me to do! And once again, I bought everything with my own money. Thanks so much for reading! And until later,

Your Obsessive Beauty Blogger,
Liv <3

P.S. Look out for a couple of holiday tutorials!

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