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Hey everyone! This is finally the Primer Potion Palooza I've been promising you! Basically, I'm going to be telling you what I think about all four of the UD Eye Primer Potions and also showing pictures and what the potions look like actually applied to the lid! I own two of the Primers: Eden & Original, and I used samples of the Greed & Sin Potions, which were enough for me to review them!



I'm going to start off with the Original Primer Potion! I do own this one, but I figured I would use the sample for pics because my bottle is a little messed up ;) Anyways, basically, it's the primer in the light purple packaging with darker purple writing. It was the first of the potions to be released from the line and retails for $19 for the tube in the United States.

It's a pale nude color but when applied to the lids, it is basically transparent depending on how thick you apply it. Be careful not to layer too many layers of it though, or it'll become goopy! 

On my lids, it is completely transparent, as you can see by the vieny lids (sorry ;) Honestly, it's not my favorite primer of the bunch because it makes my lids a little more oily, but it works good if you are using chunky glitter or something of that nature because it is more sticky. It does last the whole day on me without smudging my shadows or creasing! 

My SunbasqueInBeauty Rating: A


Eden is my personal favorite and comes in a matte yellow tube with dark purple writing. It is basically a matte and more yellow-toned version of the Original Primer Potion. It is also sold for $19 for a tube in the United States. 

As I said earlier, it's a matte, yellow-toned primer. I would compare the color to that of MAC's Soft Ochre Paint Pot. And I do own this primer as well, but for the sake of this post, I wanted to use the sample for pics!

It only takes a tiny bit of this to cover my entire lid and up to the brow bone! But I like that because that means that it'll last ya for a loong time! What I love about this primer is that it really brightens and covers up the veins! And it lasts through the entire day without even the slightest bit of smudging or creasing of my shadows or liners! (Bonus: It can be used as a concealer! I've tried it and it works great!)

My SunbasqueInBeauty Rating: A+


I was really excited to try out the shimmery primer potions and I finally got to try them out with this sample card from Sephora! Basically, Greed comes in a metallic gold tube with dark purple writing and is sold for $19 in the United States. 

The color is basically a shimmery version of Eden, gold with shimmer (: Although it is much less opaque then Eden because of the shimmer.

Applied to my lid, it basically looks like a sheer wash of gold shimmer, which looks really pretty with just some liner and mascara! It has just as much staying power as the other primer potions and it does add vibrancy to any look that you put over top. I do really like this one and am going to have to make it my second favorite out of the bunch! I'm definitely going to have to buy the full-size when I get a chance!

My SunbasqueInBeauty Rating: A+


Lastly, Sin! It comes in a dark brown metallic tube with gold writing and like the others, retails for $19 in the United States.

I would describe the color as a dark brown version of Greed (dark brown with shimmer) with just a hint of red-tones in it, even though it looks cool-toned in this pic.

(Sorry for the pic quality, this one was was taken at 5 in the morning before school with only lamplight! :O) But hopefully you can see that it shows up on my lid as basically a medium-brown wash of shimmer. It looks beautiful as an all-over lid color by itself and adds a lot of vibrancy when shadows are applied over it! And like all the others, it lasts the entire day without even a hint of smudging or creasing.

My SunbasqueInBeauty Rating: A+

Overall SunbasqueInBeauty Primer Potion Rating: A+

Welp, that's the end of my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Palooza! I hope that you enjoyed it and helped you with any questions you had about any of the Primer Potions! As always, thanks so much for reading!

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