Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Apology, An Explanation, And the Beautiful Colors of Autumn...

Hey everyone...I'm sooo incredibly sorry that I haven't done a post in sooo long,  it's been ages! And I really am deeply sorry about that! I've just been SUPER busy with school (you know how that goes, studying for like five tests every night and a butt-load of homework..) but anyways, here's the biggest reason I haven't done a post in forever: (prepare, it's a long story ;D)...

So I ordered some MAC stuff a couple of weeks ago and I've just been waiting for it to arrive so I can do a Collective Haul! But there's just been so many complications and all that junk that it's not here yet...MAC was having a problem with their website because a bunch of people were ordering things through MAC Employees to get the discount, but using different addresses than the employees, so the website locked everyone out for a while >:| And of course, I couldn't order my stuff...So hopefully I'll be getting it soon!

I was originally just going to do a MAC Haul, but I ended up buying quite a hefty load of other products during the month, so look forward to a HUGE Collective Beauty Haul from my Birthday, Costco (yes, Costco beauty products), CVS, Dollar General (and yes, beauty products from DG's), and a lot more! And also I'll be posting some "Look of the Days" and "Outfit of the Days" and all that good stuff (:

Welp, I know that this was probably the most boring thing you may have ever read in your life (unless you've read Charles Dickens Great Expectations, sorry to the fans of it out there, but it was the most BORING, HORRIBLE book I have EVER read in and will ever read in my entire life! So be prepared  to use Spark notes  A LOT if your teacher tells you you have to read it) Anyways, I hope this explained why I haven't been doing posts for ages, and I didn't want to leave you empty-handed, so here's some pictures I took and edited using Picnik of just how beautiful fall can be! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!(:

I just had to include our squirrel! (We have this one squirrel that just like walks around on our back deck, and we also discovered he loves sunflower seeds (;

BTW, bet ya didn't know a sweatshirt could look this wierd did ya.

P.S. I found this awesome Holiday theme for my Google Chrome Browser called Christmas on Main Street! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Your Obsessive Makeup Blogger,
Liv <3

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