Friday, November 25, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...Besides Bright Copper Kettles & Warm Woolen Mittens

Hey Everyone, I know you're probably wanting to see a beauty post but since Thanksgiving was yesterday and the Holidays are coming up fast, I thought it would be fun to do a post about some of my favorite things transitioning from Thanksgiving and Autumn into the Holidays and Winter (: I hope you enjoy!

1. Transitioning from Flip Flops to Boots & Long Socks

I absolutely LOVE my boots and Burberry Long Socks, but I'm so sad they're getting too small! :(

2. Watching the leaves turn and slowly fall

This was the last leaf on the tree, it reminds me of the short story: "The Last Leaf."

3. Cooking the Cranberries

I love the beautiful deep red they have and watching them pop like popcorn!

4. Digging out the Holiday Recipes

Thanksgiving & Christmas Cookbooks are the best, am I right? 
5. Drinking Festive Holiday Drinks

I love McDonald's Peppermint Hot Chocolate, actually a lot better than Starbuck's Peppermint Mocha!

6. Putting up the Christmas Tree & All the Ornaments

I made this little guy when I was 10 (;

I was actually asked to make this one for my friend's brother (:
7. Dusting off the Holiday Decorations

I just love these little guys (They're salt & pepper shakers)

8. Getting out the Legendary Christmas Mugs

9. Snuggling up in Christmas Blankets by the Fire

10. Jammin' To Christmas Carols around the Piano

11. Sending & Receiving Festive Holiday Cards

12. Watching the Snow Lay a Blanket of White 

Of course, we don't have any snow yet, but I figured this was close (;

13. And Last but definitely not Least, Everyone enjoys  giving & receiving gifts. I know I do (;

Welp, Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed discovering a Few of my Favorite Things (: I would love to hear what your guy's favorite things of the Holiday Season are, so be sure to leave a comment below! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and until later,

Your Obsessive Beauty Blogger,
Liv <3

P.S. All of the these pictures were happily taken by Me, Myself, & I (:

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