Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hey again everyone! I've been on a posting kick today if you haven't noticed ;D But hey, more's better than none right? Anyways, I did a Summer Fav Nail Polish Post so I figured since Summer is pretty much over :( I should do a Fall and Winter Polish Favorites, so here we go:


I really like dark purples and greys and reds for fall and winter so my first favorite is The Body Shop Polish in 05: Iced Grape.

My next favorite is my most recent purchase (you can see it in my Collective Haul), the Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in Metro Chic.

I also really like nudes for really any time of the year, and my favorite right now is this one, which I actually have no idea what the name is, it came in a nail kit I got from my grandma.. sorry! But it's basically an opaque medium nude color with pink undertones.

I also really love graphite greys so I really love my Milani Polish in Ms Milani.

This red is my absolute favorite red because it's not bright, it's more of a burgundy, rust red, and is called the CoverGirl Boundless Color in Perfect Penny.

And lastly, I had to put my favorite top coat of the moment in here! It is is the Sally Hansen Super Shine Shiny Topcoat. Which my favorite used to be the Seche Vite one, but it recently got all dried up and goopy..which I'm really baffled as to why.. I always closed the lid really tight.. ?

Welp, that's the end of my Fav Polishes for Fall and Winter! I hope that you enjoyed it and thanks so much for reading! Email me or leave a comment if you have any post suggestions, questions, or anything really! Thanks again (:

Until later,
Your Obsessive Makeup Blogger,
Liv <3

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