Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ahh, summer time(: My absolute favorite season of the year..The colors are so bright and fresh and green, birds chirping, blue skies, warm weather. It's just such a carefree, laid-back time of year, especially since school's out(; No more staying up late studying for Global Studies Tests.. at least until next year...I'm not thinking about that right now ;D Anyways, sorry that i haven't been posting very many beauty related posts recently, I just haven't had anything interesting to talk about...But I have some gift cards for Target so I'll be doing a haul soon(: So for this post, I kind of just wanted to talk about the beauty of summer and my favorite parts, a very laid-back post ;D As for my inspiration for it, I was laying outside in my hammock enjoying the weather and I thought: Hey, why not?


One recent addition to my summer favorites is maintaining my collection of Retainers...yeah definitley not one of my favorites, but i have to wear them since I just got my braces off..Wanna see a post about my braces, Click here! I mean, who wouldn't? ;D

On to the real favorites ;D I absolutley love tanning, laying out in the sun, "sunbathing", whatever you call it(; Yes, I know that it's bad for your skin, but it's also letting you soak up some essential Vitamin D, the vitamin of the Sun(: What you don't wanna do is get burnt... which I confess has happened multiple times ;D

But one of my absolute FAVORITE things to do is to lay on my raft in my private pool, and even take a swim if  I want...

...Otherwise known as our kiddie pool ;D As much as I wish I had an actual in-ground pool, I don't think it's happening any time soon...

And on those nice, breezy summer days, I love just laying in the hammock, absolutley carefree...or at least trying to be, and maybe accidently falling asleep(;  Ok, maybe not accidently...

And of course you can't forget the gorgeous flowers that Summer brings :)...

And the feeling of the lush, green grass beneath your feet. Although a better feeling would be the sand of a beach... (;

And I just love all of the GREEN! You would probably think that green is my favorite color by now, but I'm afraid it's actually Blue(: But to tell ya the truth, I like all of the colors ;D

And who can forget the beautiful blue skies(: I included the post in the picture so that you wouldn't think that i just took a picture of something blue :D
And I can't forget my favorite Dr. Seuss book to read in the Summer ever since I was a little kid!(: It really get ya ready for Summer and gives you the Summer feeling(: So don't read it in the Winter, or you'll be extremely dissapointed when you walk outside ;D

And last but definitley not least, riding my John Deere Pedal Tractor! Haha, just kidding, but I'm sure that it's my  little brother's favorite part(;

Welp, that's the end of this incredibly random post ;D I really just wanted to do a summer post because I was so inspired by the awesome weather outside, laying in my hammock(: Don't forget, I promise that I'll get back to beauty posts starting with a Target haul very soon(: As always, thanks for reading(:

IMPORTANT: Yes, all of these pictures are mine. I took them with my own Sony Handycam Camera thank you very much. I just didn't put my Blog name in the bottom corner of each of these pictures because I didn't want to ruin the beauty of the picture, especially the tractor(;

Until later,
Your Obsessive Makeup Blogger,

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