Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello There!
If you have read my 'About Me' on the right side of my blog over there
then you know that i have an obsession with makeup and there's no denying it. So this post is just kind of like an introduction before I do any 'real' posts :D You'll have to excuse my sometimes cheesy sense of humor (; Anyways, I know this isn't a very interesting post, but I really wanted to just introduce myself, and you'll have to excuse my rambling as well :D So on with it, my name is Liv, and I am pleased to meet you. I live in the United States and for privacy purposes, I hope it's okay if I don't reveal my last name or the state in which I live in. I know that you, reading this right now, probably aren't anyone that would like to do me harm, or perhaps steal my identity, but just in case you're not someone who would like to simply know some things about makeup, I have to of course take the necessary precautions. Oh geez, I sound like a police woman or something :D Anyways, I am in no way a professional makeup artist or anything like that, I just have a strong obsession with makeup and would like to share my thoughts with the world. Well, i guess this is the end of my first post on this blog...  Oh! And if you happen to have any ideas for blog posts or just want to say hi, you can absolutley email me at: sunbasqueinbeauty@gmail.com.

Until later,
Your Friendly Obsessive Makeup Blogger,

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