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Hey everyone! I lied about starting with the Target Haul, but I'll get to that soon! I think we are actually going to Target tonight, but I'll keep ya posted(: Anyways, I'm here to tell you a quite exciting event: SMASHBOX HAS ITEMS FROM PAST COLLECTIONS ON SALE! (Including the In Bloom Palette that I'm going to do a review on right now) Click here to see the awesome sale! Alright, on to the review. The reason that I chose to do a review on this palette is because I've actually had it since it first came out, but now that it's on sale, I really wanted to do a review! I bought it for $48 and now it's only $36! WOOT(: Anyways, on to the review:

As for an overview of the palette, it's basically an Spring Eyeshadow Palette that includes a brush. Inside are 10 eyeshadow colors that seem to be coordinated in groups of two. The colors are very beautiful neutrals, no brights here! The colors include neutral purples, blues, greens, browns, and champagnes(: It also includes a standard eyeshadow brush that has actually become my favorite brush to pack color on the lid with(:  

  • The packaging is very sleek, sturdy, and compact. (I've dropped it a few times :\ )
  • The colors are coordinated in sets of two going up and down, which makes for easy use(:
  • The shadows are very nicely pigmented and very soft, there are no colors with chunky glitter.
  • The colors are all very wearable, so this would be a great palette to keep on hand for an everyday look(:
  • But, another good thing is that they're not just your average neutral browns, they included a mix of colors in the palette, but all neutral enough to wear every day(:
  • The brush is great quality for packing color on the lid, and I find that it's a very multipurpose brush. (Sometimes I use it for smudging shadow on my lower lashline)  (:
  • It also has a great big mirror that covers the whole inside cover of the palette! (Great for on-the-go!)
  • The shadows are a great size, not too big, not too small(:

  • Honestly, there are no cons for this thing, at least in my opinion! One kind of con, I guess, would be that if you keep it in your purse, it can get scratched up..But I don't really consider that a real Con (;


The really pretty box that the palette comes in (I kind of wish that the actual palette looked like this)...
The sleek, black packaging of the palette. By the way, the trees on the palette are just a reflection(;
The palette opened up. Just look at that huge mirror! 
The first four shadows, on the left side (Clockwise): Pink Lily, Lavender Grey, Iris Blue, and Soft Orchid. (A light matte purple, a medium sparkly blue, a matte blue of the same shade, and a darker matte purple.) 
Swatches of the first four shadows above. (From left to right: Pink Lily, Soft Orchid,  Lavender Grey, and Iris Blue).
A close up swatch of Pink Lily and Soft Orchid.
A close up swatch of Lavender Grey and Iris Blue.
The second set of four shadows in the palette (Clockwise): Golden Rose, Warm Taupe, Moss, and Shimmery Copper. (A light sparkly golden pink, a light shimmery taupe-green, a darker shimmery hunter green, and a dark golden shimmery brown).
Swatches of the four shadows above (From left to right: Golden Rose, Shimmery Copper, Warm Taupe, and Moss).

A close up swatch of Warm Taupe and Moss.

A close up swatch of Golden Rose and Shimmery Copper.

The last two colors in the palette: Bone and Nude. (A matte white and a medium-toned matte brown).
Swatches of the two shadows above (From left to right: Bone and Nude).
A close up of the included eyeshadow brush.
The full length of the brush.
Just a cool position ;D

Overall, I think that this is a great palette to have on hand. It has beautiful, nicely pigmented shadows that are a great twist on everyday colors. And now, it's on sale! WOOHOO! What reason is there not to buy it? But just so it's clear, I'm not being payed to advertise Smashbox in any way, these are my honest, true opinions and I'm just super excited about this sale!(; 

My Sunbasque In Beauty Rating: A+

Until later,
Your Obsessive Makeup Blogger,

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