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Hello again my mahvelous beauty blog readers(: I know, I know, 2 DRUGSTORE REVIEWS IN A ROW! But  I just wanted to get the reviews out of the way on the things I bought yesterday at CVS(: (You'll be seeing a lot of hauls from CVS :D That's where I get most of my drugstore beauty products from(: Hey, they have a pretty good selection, they're close-by, they've got beauty products and White Castle Cheeseburgers, ya can't beat it! (And yes, I love White Castle Cheeseburgers even though almost everyone hates them...). On to the product!


So basically, the Just Bitten Lipstains are a new summer product from Revlon, and actually, I got the idea to get one from MakeupGeekTV's video about... Summer Products I think? So basically, I was at CVS, the display thing was right smack dab in front of your face when you walk in the door...How was I not supposed to get it? Anyways, on to the product. Basically, they're a marker type lipstain with a clear balm on the other side. I decided to get the color: Instinct. Which looked like a really light pink on the swatch on the display case, and on my lips it looks like a darker plum. But oh well, I still really like the color(: On to the Pros and Cons:


  • I really like that it actually IS a lipstain, or in other words, it actually does stain your lips. Although, one suggestion I would make would be to let the lipstain dry before putting the balm over top of it, helps the staying power(:
  • I also really like the packaging(: It feels sleek and not cheap. And the tube has a matte rubbery feel, kind of like NARS packaging...That's always nice(:
  • I like that at least the color I got, Instinct, is pretty pigmented as you'll see on the swatches below. But I also like that it's not soo opaque that your natural lip color is blocked out completely. So basically, it looks more natural. Of course, you could layer it so that it's a deeper color.
  • Another thing is that it has a good flow. For example, the stain doesn't come pouring out on your lips and it isn't so dry that nothing comes out. It's a happy medium(:
  • On to the balm, love it! It is actually REALLY moisturizing. It keeps the lipstain from making your lips dry and gives a brilliant sheen, or shine, to your lips that makes it look like you're wearing gloss(: How cool is that? 

  • I know this is surprising, but I really don't have any cons...I'll try to think of some. Well, one thing you have to be careful of is that you don't have any flaking or dryness on your lips or the lipstain will stick to that more and make your lips splotchy. So I would recommend using a lip scrub before wearing it such as the: Softlips 100% Natural Lip Polish.
  • And this isn't really a con, but when I first apply the lipstain, I actually get a tingly sensation on my lips like I'm applying a lip plumper... And now that I'm looking at my lips with it on, it actually looks like my lips are plumper! Well that's an interesting surprise(:

The Matte NARS-like packaging (;

The felt-tip marker-like applicator.

Swatches of the Lipstain in Instinct.

The Balm End of the Lipstain.

Swatch of the Balm (I know I'm stupid...It's invisible. You can see the sheen right?)

The Lipstain and Balm applied to my lips (Excuse my lips, they're not the best...)

So, again, I'm gonna have to say that the Pros outweigh the Cons, making it a pretty good lipstain! I will definitley be enjoying it this summer(: So if you're looking for a good lipstain that moisturizes, gives good color, stays on, and kind of plumps your lips, this would be a good one to try out! And the best's inexpensive!

My Sunbasque In Beauty Rating:  A

Until later,
Your Friendly Obsessive Makeup Blogger,

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