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Hello again everyone, I decided to do my first high-end review for this blog(: I've actually had the eye shadow for quite a while, but I thought that I had the most to say about this eye shadow, so here goes!


Alright, so first off, for a little summary of the product, the name is pretty much self-explanatory, but I'll try my best to describe it in more depth(; Anyways, it's basically a single cream shadow in classic NARS packaging, and as for size, the comparisons are in the pics down below(: As for the texture, it's not as thick as MAC Paint Pots or Benefit Cream Creaseless Shadows, but not as "moussy" or whipped as Maybelline Dream Mousse Products. So I'd say they're kinda in between ;D It's a really nice feeling texture, but not as concentrated as Paint Pots. Enough rambling.. On to the Pros and Cons!


  • First off, the color is just SO pretty. It's a light lavender-grey color at first glance. But in different lights, you can see a pinkish blue duo-chrome, so that's pretty awesome I'd say(:
  • Another Pro I would say, would be the texture. As I said earlier, it's a nice combo between MAC Paint Pots and Maybelline Dream Mousse Products. It's also soft enough that you can get a good amount of your finger, but not so soft that a whole chunk comes out(:
  • Another plus is that it comes with a mirror unlike MAC Paint Pots or Benefit Cream Shadows(: Makes for good on-the-go use(:
  • Also, I am a sucker for NARS packaging, I absolutley am drawn to the sleek, matte black cases with the bold NARS written on the front in white ;D
  • It is a very sheer color, so it can be very easily wearable, but you could definitley build it up if you tried. On to the Cons...

  • Welp, first off, DO NOT think that they can be used as a base like MAC Paint Pots or without a primer because you will be TERRIBLY disappointed! They crease like no other without a primer! And even with a primer, I find that on me, they still start to crease after a couple of hours. So definitley not long-lasting.. If you want to get the most out of it, I would say to make sure you use a non-greasy primer and set the shadow with a powder shadow REALLY WELL! Sorry I kinda mashed a majority of the Cons into one bullet...they all went together! :D 
  • The last Con I would say, is that if you get too much of the product onto your finger, and then try to apply it with your finger, it kinda clumps and doesn't spread out evenly. So just make sure you don't get too much product(;


The Sleek NARS classic packaging (:
The Shadow opened up, and WOAH! There's a tiny little mirror! How cute is that?(:
The label of the Shadow.
The Color of the Shadow in the pan taken in natural light.
A far-away swatch of the shadow taken in natural light.
A close-up swatch of the shadow taken in natural light.
For the high-end shoppers, a size comparison to MAC Eye shadow in Naked Lunch.
Another size comparison to MAC Eye shadow in Naked Lunch.
For the drugstore shoppers, a comparison to Cover Girl Single Eye shadow in Mink.
Another size comparison to Cover Girl Single Eye shadow in Mink.

Overall, I would say that it's an ok cream shadow, but definitley not the overall best one out there. But if you're just looking for a beautiful color and you don't mind going through the extra hassle of using a non-greasy primer and setting it with powder shadow, then I would give it a try. I may even buy some more myself, just because the colors are so beautiful, and I usually have some extra time to go through the extra steps(:  But, I would definitley try MAC Paint Pots or Benefit Cream Creaseless Shadows first(:

My Sunbasque In Beauty Rating: B- 

Until later,
Your Obsessive Makeup Blogger,

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