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I AM SO EXCITED for this line to come out because I shop at CVS all of the time and so to have a "higher-end" cosmetic and haircare line come to CVS is the equivalent of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon to me ;D

WHAT IS IT? Now, what is Nuance? It is a brand of Cosmetics, Haircare, Body, and Skincare by Salma Hayek that was inspired by her grandmother.

WHERE CAN I FIND IT? You will be able to find Nuance products at and in stores. When asked why she chose to sell the line only at CVS, Salma Hayek said (according to, "If I had gone to a mainstream, luxury brand, I would have not been able to give you the quality of product that I am giving you today." 

WHEN CAN I BUY IT? The Nuance by Salma Hayek line will be released on on July 18th and in most CVS/Pharmacy Stores in August.

WANT MORE INFO ON THE LINE? Click here to see more about Nuance, more photos, and an interview on Salma Hayek about the line from 

Welp, I hope that my Beauty News helped you and got you as excited for the line as I did ;D And just so it's clear, I'm not being payed in any way to advertise Nuance. Anyways, leave a comment telling me what you think your favorite thing will be from the line (You can see some photos of individual products if you click on the link above), I think I'm most excited for the "eye pods." (: Remember to Follow for more SunbasqueInBeauty! And as always, thanks SO much for reading!(:

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