Monday, July 11, 2011


I know, I know. Another collection video! But when an idea pops into my head, I have to put it into action or I forget it a couple seconds later. Okay, maybe not that fast but you get the idea ;D Anyways, also at the same time that my scarf collection caught my eye, my keychain collection did too! And so, this post is born(; I have to warn you, I have a TON of keychains and it is currently growing, I get one from pretty much every place we go(; Let's get into it:


First off, I've got my Vera Bradley Wallet in the pattern Love Me (I think). My keychain collection is then attached to my wallet by a blue clip thing that I got while on vacation(:

An up close and personal of my blue clip thing from a vacation(:

And for some reason I have this black Wii Strap attached to my wallet... ;D

I've got a Hard Rock Cafe Keychain from our vacation to Myrtle Beach(: The guitar spins!

I actually got this keychain recently from the last camping trip we went on(: (Sorry I have to hide the name for privacy reasons)

A little license plate keychain from one of our vacations to the beach(: You'll probably recognize the letters from the shirt that I'm wearing in my About Me picture (;

I got this key keychain (ha), from a resort we went to recently(: (Again, I have to hide the name for privacy reasons)

Here's the cool little people on the key ;D

This one I got from the Zoo(: The water moves in it and everything ;)
And of course a little blue Converse shoe from Dollar General ;D

And of course I had to have a sparkly one too ;D

And a Kooky Pen...

This one's name is Sokrates ;D Cause I'm sure you wanted to know..

And of course a flashlight.

I always have Hand Sanitizer with me(:

And I also have my American Eagle All Access Pass and my Dick's Sporting Goods Score Card, a little blue bear, a blue Flip Flop, and a pink highlighter..

I also have a dog tag with my favorite Sports Team on it, on the other side of course ;D (Privacy, privacy)

And lastly, I've got my metal dog bone (cause I have a dog), a big O, my saying (Live Love Laugh), and a little dog(:

Welp, that's the end of my collection of keychains! I hope that you enjoyed it and that maybe you had fun reading it ;D As always, thanks for reading(:

Until later,
Your Obsessive Makeup Blogger,

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