Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yes, I know, you're probably thinking GRAFFITI? Ok, so you're a beauty guru and you're talking about Graffiti... Ok? But yes, you may not know, but I am actually a gangsta. Ha! Just kidding, but I really like drawing Graffiti in my notebook! I don't actually spray paint walls or vandalize, just my notebook ;D I actually was inspired to start by watching GETTOXFABXFOREVER's videos on YouTube(: By the way she's awesome, definitley check out her videos here(: Anyways, on to the actual Graffiti:


These are the items that I use to make my Graffiti: A Staples Steno Pad, BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers, A Industrial Sized Black Sharpie with a Chisel Tip, a regular black Sharpie, and a mechanical pencil.

This is the Graffiti that I drew on the front of my Steno Pad.




"Go Green"



Welp, that's the end of my Graffiti Post! I really hope that you liked it and that maybe I inspired you to draw your own Graffiti, in a notebook of course, I'm not advertising vandalization ;D Anyways, as always, thanks for reading(:

Until later,
Your Obsessive Makeup Blogger,


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