Sunday, July 17, 2011


 Hey everyone! Yesterday, I went to the mall for some retail therapy (which was very relaxing) ;D and I stopped by The Container Store to get some new drawers for my makeup storage and Nordstrom to get something from NARS that had been long awaited(; But anyways, on to the haul:


And here's the NARS Tzarine Duo! By the way, they were having this awesome sale at Nordstrom where if you bought three nail polishes and their Exclusive 6-Color Eyeshadow Palette, you got a TON of free full-size gifts! I was so tempted to get it, but unfortunatley it was out of my budget... ;(
(If you'd like to see a look of the day using this duo, click here)

Here's a close-up of the duo(: They're such beautiful colors! I would describe them as a pale gold and a charcoal grey with gold flecks.

Here's a close-up of the name on the box. Anyone know what this name means? ;D

Here's swatches of the two colors in the duo.

Here's the pale gold up-close.

And here's the charcoal grey with gold flecks up-close.


Here's some proof that I actually went to the Container Store ;D

Here are the drawers that I got to organize my makeup. I had it before in a bunch or unmatched plastic drawers and me being an OCD Organization Freak, I had to get matching, nice-looking drawers.. So I got these! And by the way, if you're looking for these drawers in the store, I suggest asking someone who works there to find them for you because in mine they were tucked back on the lowest shelf in the kitchen section ;D If you want specifics, they're 6.5 in. squares and 6.5 in. in height and I had to get 4 to hold all of my makeup (;

I also got this Silver Mesh Letter Holder to hold my palettes because I had heard that they hold big palettes quite nicely(:

Here's my new makeup storage! WOO ;D

And here's my palettes in the holder!(:

Welp, that's the end of my Haul and my mini-makeup storage! I really hope that you liked it and gave you some ideas! As always, thanks for reading(: And remember to Follow this blog for updates!

Until later,
Your Obsessive Makeup Blogger,

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